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The art of telling a story through interview responses 

How do you do it? is what a lot of clients ask us.  You ask a few questions and put together a complete story.  You captured our message perfectly. they say. 

Well, our first step is to learn all the key aspects of the particular story and to identify who should speak about each aspect. The next step is to write interview questions that will elicit these aspects, clearly and in complete sentences. Yes and
no answers wont work.

Conducting the interviews comes with its own challenges.  We have to make sure to get the specific information needed from each interviewee.  In addition to listening for the key information, clarity and presentation are important.   We listen carefully to what they are saying.  That sounds easy, but sometimes its what they are not saying that is important.  Follow up questions are sometimes needed to get the full story.  We also have to consider if their answers can stand alone.  Are they speaking in complete sentences?  

The interviewee has to look good and sound good.  That is sometimes more of a challenge than you might expect.  Is the location appropriate?  Is the lighting right?  Are they slouching in their chair or are their eyes wandering?  What direction are they looking?  These are only some of the important aspects of the video shoot. 

After the video taping of the interviews and B roll, we use our logs, notes, and our memory to start organizing the pieces.  During shooting, using a device called ScriptBoy, (a clipboard that is wireless and reads/displays time code while shooting) enables us to have exact notes and a good idea of what will work best to tell the story.  We are basically doing a pre-edit in our heads.  The client has also given us some input during the shoot as to what they loved.  This saves time in the edit since the best pieces are already pre-selected. 

We set up a folder on the edit system for each interview and view all the footage, then create a sub-folder for what we select as the best interview responses.  We do a rough edit, placing best segments on the timeline in a logical sequence and rearranging the pieces until the story takes its final shape.  We review our notes to make sure each important aspect of the story is represented.   Are all the aspects of the story included and are they in the proper logical order?  Did anyone say any of these pieces better?  Are the responses flowing into a coherent story?

Then we review the B roll, video footage shot to help tell the story.  We listen for sounds that bring the footage to life and help move the story along.  In some areas the sound is full volume and in others its under the interview.  Deciding where to place it and interweaving it with the interview responses is another art in the story telling process.   The end result is seamless and powerful. 

One of Rainbow Video video specialties is this "interview only" story telling.  We have been in the video business for over 33 years and have over 33 awards including 5 EMMY statues. 

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