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Video Production Examples by Rainbow Video of New Jersey

A sampling of 15 video programs in 6 minutes.


Full Video Programs Examples

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"If it's not about the children, it's about nothing." 
The North Ward Center's Gala video honored the legacy of Founder Stephen Adubato Sr.  Rainbow Video went back through its archives for interview footage of Steve shot throughout the years.  Rainbow wrote new interview questions and conducted interviews of key personnel.  We interspersed these segments with Steve's older interview responses to tell the inspiring story of how The North Ward Center emerged out of one man's passion to educate inner city children. 

Proving that inner city children can excel was Steve's original dream and his dream continues with the expansion of The Robert Treat Academy North to include The Robert Treat Academy Central.  The entire story was told through interview responses and "B" roll.  No scripted narration was used.  Storytelling, writing interview questions, and interviewing as well as producing, directing, and editing done by Rainbow Video. (6:00)

While we were interviewing key personnel and shooting "B" roll for the Gala video, we also shot statements and "B" roll for related "explainer" videos.  Although that meant additional editing, it saved the client budget dollars, creating additional videos without additional video taping time.

Child Development Center (1:30) [View on YouTube]

Youth Development and Recreation (1:59) [View on YouTube]

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Behind the Scenes
An intimate look behind the scenes of a photo shoot for a major advertising campaign to promote newly designed pearl jewelry.  The visuals and music had to work together to create the right "mood" and support for the artistry of this high-end product line. (3:40)

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Rainbow Video Inc. of NJ (the Kretchmers) was selected by the State of New Jersey, Department of Education to produce their Community Based Instruction marketing video to encourage administrators and teachers to incorporate CBI into their curriculum for special needs students.  For disabled students learning out in the community is important because it teaches them to navigate the real world.

90% of the footage was shot by the client himself.  Our challenge was to take his footage, shoot new footage, and organize it all into a complete story.  Susan Kretchmer wrote new interview questions for a new group of administrators, teachers etc.  Richard Kretchmer conducted the interviews.  Together, Richard and Susan organized the interview responses and Richard edited the story together adding natural sound to bring the story to life.  The story is told with interview responses and “B” roll only.  No scripted narration is used. (10:00)

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Center for Autism
Through interviews with parents, the video outlines the unique challenges for families with autistic children in an urban community and addresses how the Center for Autism will offer assistance and much needed services.  This is the opening segment announcing the Center for Autism.  Produced, edited, and streamed by Rainbow Video. (3:00)

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Due Process Legacy Video
For 11 years, Richard was the video editor of choice on this television series which examines social and legal issues that affect New Jersey.  Richard was honored with 5 regional Emmy® Statue and 13 Emmy® nominations for his work on this Public Television series. This video was created for the New Jersey Network Legacy Awards Gala and was also used in the Due Process Retrospective Legacy program.  Richard was the editor and consultant on this series.  (5:40)

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Saint Michael's Medical Center
Each of these 4 videos showcases a different cutting edge treatment being offered at Saint Michael's: Robotic knee surgery, Robotic heart surgery, Rapid Diagnosis of breast cancer, and Diabetes education/treatment.  Each video presents one of these state of the art treatments through interviews with the doctors performing these services and patients who have benefited from them.  Produced, directed, edited, and streamed by Rainbow Video.
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E-Z Riser
This construction company lifts roofs to transform obsolete low buildings into modern marketable warehouse space.  The purpose of the video was to explain this unique patented process to skeptical potential customers and to outline the benefits of this money saving "green" alternative to demolition or other types of expansion.  From this client:  "You guys did a great job.  You brought an excellent project in on time and on budget.  And you were easy to work with."  Kevin Donnelly, VP Industrial Services Enterprises.  Written, produced, directed, edited, and streamed by Rainbow Video Inc. This is a segment of the video. (3:00)

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A Video Postcard from Seaside Heights, NJ
Shot and video edited by Richard Kretchmer, this video postcard is fast paced and fun!  This creative video has lots of layered video effects and custom video graphics. (2:30)


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Spanish Commercials
Along with a Spanish producer/translator, Rainbow wrote, produced, directed, and edited this series of Spanish commercials.  The commercials were aimed at the emerging Latino home buying market and aired on Spanish broadcast TV stations in the tri-state area.  The commercial features all company staff as talent. (1:00)


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Collection of TV Commercials and Public Service Announcement
This is a montage of TV commercials we have created.  It includes a national Public Service Announcement (PSA) for Alzheimer’s Association (3 awards), a campaign in Spanish for a mortgage company, a national Igloo/Hula campaign for Monitor Products featuring 8 television commercials shot in a custom made Igloo set on a sound stage, a local exercise commercial, and a PBS series promo.  (4:30)

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Healthcare - Medical Training
Used by hospitals nationwide, this hour long healthcare training video utilized 4 vignettes depicting medical errors, each followed by a discussion by a distinguished panel of healthcare experts.  This program used all in-house talent.  Rainbow Video designed the program structure to foster an interactive classroom environment by creating discussion points between each segment.  Produced by Susan Kretchmer.  Dramatic film-style directing, multi-camera live-switched directing, and non-linear editing by Richard Kretchmer. (2:50)


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Wright Auto Pro
This video introduces a series of training videos for car dealerships across the country.  These professional training videos, geared to sales, service, and management personnel are available on the client's website.  All video training modules were produced, directed, and edited by Rainbow Video.

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North Ward Gala Video
This video showcased the Robert Treat Academy Charter School, a Blue Ribbon school proving that education can work for inner city children.   Produced, directed, edited, and streamed by Rainbow Video Inc. (5:30)

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North Ward Gala Video
This video celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Robert Treat Academy Charter School and showcased the bright futures of the school's alumni.   Produced, directed, edited, and streamed by Rainbow Video Inc. (8:00)

[View it on YouTube]
Footprints in the Sand Foundation Gala Video
The biggest challenge in creating this video was the production schedule.  Rainbow had 10 days from first client contact to presentation at the Foundation's Gala.  In that time, Rainbow and the client decided on an approach, which was to let interview responses tell the story of the Foundation's work, instead of voice over narration.  Rainbow shot interviews of people helped by the Foundation as well as the Founder, created graphic transitions, selected appropriate music, and edited the interview responses for the final Gala video. (9:30)

[View on YouTube]

Student Partner Alliance
Rainbow Video created 5 videos for this non-profit organization that provides scholarships to inner city students to attend private high schools. Rainbow produced, directed, and edited the video segments and created the Flash streaming. (4:30)


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How To Videos
A collection of "How to" videos created by Rainbow Video: training a Seeing Eye puppy, making jewelry, composing a painting, cooking.


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