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 April 2016

Price versus Quality

The old saying, “you get what you pay for” is really true, whether you want to believe it or not.  When shopping for a video production company, keep that in mind. 

If you have a reasonable budget, an experienced video production company should be able to find a video approach that works for you.   A high quality simple approach can be successful.  The main goals with any video production are to get your message across effectively and to present you and/or your company in a professional manner.  If your video is unprofessional your audience will get a negative impression of you and your services.

Call Rainbow Video (973-993-5757).  Let us work with you to get the most out of your budget.

 February 2016

This month we are celebrating another year in business.  We must be doing something right!  We are true professionals and talented storytellers.

Don’t turn your project over to an inexperienced video production company to save a few dollars.  It will cost you money in the end, either through mistakes or through lack of effectiveness.   Turn your project over to Rainbow Video.  You will not be disappointed!

January 2016

December 2015

November 2015

So you need a video. 

You have an important message.  You research video production companies.  But what you are really looking for is a video communications company, not a company that will just show up to shoot.  You need a company who can address your problem or your information and convey it in an effective video presentation.   

You need a communications company that has the experience to know the correct approach, write the perfect script, and shoot the right visuals to enhance your message.  There are many details to consider.  Is the video lighting and background appropriate?  Are the interviews and voice over selections and tone enhancing your message?  Are the perfect shots selected?  How about the shot pacing?  Is natural sound used to bring your video to life and is the music fitting for your overall message?  Experience and attention to detail ensures that these aspects work together to tell your story effectively for a successful end result.

Rainbow Video has been doing this since for over 20 years and has been honored with over 30 awards.  Not all videos are created equal.  Give us a call.  973 993 5757

 October 2015

Creating a video production budget.

What are your expectations for your video program?  Do you want a Ford Fiesta (economy but gets you there), a Ford Mustang (lots of style), or a Rolls Royce (lots of bells and whistles)?  Or are you somewhere in between?   Determine your budget (at least a range) before you talk to a production company because that is a piece of information they will need in order to give you a proposal.  It is a waste of everyone’s time to have the video company come up with a concept and outline for a video with a $20,000 budget if your budget is $3,500.

When we do a budget there are the fixed items: number of shoot days needed, crew requirements, video production equipment, and video pre-production and post production aspects.  These all have variables and values, such as how large a crew and their experience level.  Camera quality affects the final look of your program.  How much editing time is needed and does the video require graphics and/or animation?  These are just a few aspects.

If you shop simply for price you may be disappointed in your final video.  Does it look professional and does it tell your story?  Will it engage your audience? Your video is a reflection of you and your business.  The video company you hire needs to have the experience and knowledge to guide you to produce the best video for your budget. 

In other words, when you are trying to select a video production company, compare the video proposals/services/experience and ask yourself, “Am I comparing oranges to oranges?  And are all the oranges the same quality?”

Rainbow Video is located in Morristown, NJ.   We are eager to work with you on your next project!  Call us at 973 993 5757.

 September 2015

Editing is just not pushing buttons

Some people think a video editor just needs to know the editing software.  There is much more to editing than just pushing buttons.  You need the experience and the instinct to pick the shots that will tell the story creatively.  There is an infinite way to put the shots together.  Some visuals have more impact than others.  Then there are the audio aspects.  You have to find the music that will create the right emotion.  A lot of editors eliminate the natural sound.  The video seems “dead” and the viewer doesn’t know what is wrong.  I use the natural sound present in the clips, bringing the volume up or down to add impact.  I also sometimes add sounds effects.  Rather than ignore the natural sound, I use it to bring the video to life.

Yes you do need to know the software tools you are using but it is the creativity that really matters,
Richard Kretchmer, Rainbow Video’s Creative Director/Video Editor, Morristown, NJ

 July & August 2015

I love video editing! 

It’s true.  I just love editing.  Being an editor is a very different experience from directing an edit session.  I directed a fair number of editors in my earlier years in video when editing equipment cost over a million dollars.  Now that I am at the controls, I find it to be a very creative experience, especially if I planned and directed the shoot.  When I am the director on the shoot, I make sure to get what I need so I already have a plan going into the edit.   

I also enjoy stepping in to edit professional video footage clients bring to me.  Many times their plans to finish the program themselves don’t work out.  They can’t create the story they want.  I love to hear their objectives and their vision.  And, of course, I love to help them bring that vision to life.

Richard Kretchmer, Creative Director/Video Editor
Rainbow Video Inc., Morristown, NJ 07960 - Video Productions and Video Editing

 June 2015


When a client calls with a communications need we find it very rewarding to meet that need with video.  To listen to their problem and create a solution is what we do.  We develop an approach and a style.  We then write a script and/or interview questions and plan and shoot the footage.  We make sure all the shots look great and contribute to the message.

We edit together the appropriate footage and audio with attention to every detail. Susan’s expertise is “words” and Richard’s is “pictures”.   In the editing phase these talents combine to allow us to tell the client’s story and fulfill their objectives.  The most satisfying moment is hearing back from a client “This is exactly what we needed.”

Rainbow Video is located in Morristown, NJ.  We have been doing video productions for over 20 years!

 May 2015

No blog for May 

We’ve been busy finishing up 15 videos and getting away for some much deserved relaxation.  Our creative energy has been recharged and we are eager to work with you on your projects.  We hope you are enjoying your spring and will give us a call.

 April 2015

April is the start of Gala season

Non-profits around the state host fund raising events which usually include dinner and a promotional video.  Rainbow Video has created many Gala videos through the years.

To create a successful Gala video Rainbow Video makes sure it knows the message that needs to be communicated.  We script the interview questions which will elicit the desired message.  We shoot the appropriate footage and interview the key personnel.    The video has to convey the good work the non-profit is doing, what it wants to do in the future, and the fact that it needs financial support to continue to do its work.

Sometimes the purpose of the video is to honor a certain person, sometimes the video is used to supplement and shorten the speeches, and sometimes it is used to highlight accomplishments.  There is nothing like powerful visuals to show your audience the good work that you do and who has been helped.  After the Gala the video can be used on the organization/company website to keep the message going.

 March 2015

Nominated for another New York EMMY® Award

Richard Kretchmer, Director and Video Editor of Rainbow Video, has been nominated for another New York EMMY® Award.

This nomination was for "Due Process - Same-Sex Marriage: Here at Last" in the Public/Current/Community Affairs category. “Due Process” airs on PBS stations WNET and NJTV.  “Due Process” focuses on legal and social issues.  The awards ceremony will be held on May 2, 2015. 

Rainbow Video has received over 33 awards in its over 20 years in business. One of our specialties is creating videos in which interview responses and the dramatic use of “nat” (natural) sound and “B” roll tell the story, without a formal script and without voice over narration.

Rainbow Video’s projects in post production right now include a comedy special for Ben Bailey, former host of the show “Cash Cab”, and 15 testimonial web videos for a large NY/NJ orthopedic practice.

Richard has 5 EMMY Statues and 13 EMMY nominations. Richard won his first of five EMMYs in 2007.

Please give us a call for your next project at 973 993 5757.
Richard & Susan Kretchmer

 February 2015

Through the years…..

Rainbow Video has seen many many changes to the industry through the years.

Years ago we used huge cameras, separate machines to record to tape, heavy battery packs, and a ton of lighting equipment.  The good thing today is that cameras need less lighting and all of the equipment is so portable.  As for editing, the new technology allows a talented editor to do things that used to require a great deal of money and a room full of equipment. 

The challenge today is anyone with a few thousand dollars can buy the equipment needed to create a video.  We are competing with people who have purchased inexpensive equipment who present themselves as video production professionals.  They are not.  They are amateurs with equipment.   They won’t be “professionals” until they have survived in the industry for a few years and learned a few hundred things.  There is no substitute for experience. 

Rainbow Video has been producing high quality award winning videos for over 20 years.  We have faced just about every challenge you could imagine in this business.  We always do whatever it takes to finish with a successful video and a happy client

 January 2015

Editing the story together

Last month we talked about the preproduction and production aspects of "interview video" story telling.  This month we will highlight some of the post production aspects. 

After the video taping of the interviews and “B” roll, we use our logs, notes, and our memory to start organizing the pieces.  Since we use a device during shooting called ScriptBoy, (a clipboard that is wireless and reads/displays time code while shooting) we already have exact notes and have a good idea of what we think will work to tell the story.  We are basically doing a pre-edit in our heads.  We also know what the client loved.  This saves time in the edit since the best pieces are already pre-selected. 

We set up a folder on the edit system for each interview and view all the footage.  Then we create a sub-folder for what we select as the best interview responses.  We do a rough edit, placing best segments on the timeline in a logical sequence and rearranging the pieces until the story takes its final shape.  We review our notes to make sure each important aspect of the story is represented.   Are all the aspects of the story included and are they in the proper logical order?  Did anyone say any of these pieces better?  Are the responses flowing into a coherent story?

Then we review the “B” roll video footage we shot to help tell the story.  We listen for sounds that bring the footage to life and help move the story along.  In some areas the sound is full volume and in others it’s under the interview.  Deciding where to place it and interweaving it with the interview responses is another art in the story telling process.   The end result is seamless and powerful. 

Rainbow Video specializes in "interview video" story telling programs.

 December 2014

Telling a story through interview responses is an art. 

“How do you do it?” is what a lot of clients ask us.  You ask a few questions and put together a complete story.  “You captured our message perfectly.” they say. 

Well, our first step is to learn all the key aspects of the particular story and to identify who should speak about each aspect. The next step is to write interview questions that will elicit these aspects, clearly and in complete sentences. “Yes” and
no” answers won’t work.

Conducting the interviews comes with its own challenges.  You have to make sure you get the specific information you need from each interviewee.  In addition to listening for the key information, clarity and presentation are important.   You need to listen to what they are saying.  That sounds easy, but sometimes it’s what they are not saying that is important.  Ask follow up questions to get the full story.  You also have to consider if their answers can stand alone.  Are they speaking in complete sentences?  

The interviewee has to look good and sound good.  That is sometimes more of a challenge than you might expect.  Is the location appropriate?  Is the lighting right?  Are they slouching in their chair or are their eyes wandering?  What direction are they looking?  These are only some of the important aspects of the video shoot. 

Next month we will provide some insight into the video editing aspects, organizing the interviews to tell the story and adding video “B” roll to bring the story to life.

Rainbow Video is located in Morristown, NJ.  We have been in business for over 32 years and over 32 video awards. 

 November 2014

This month is Thanksgiving. 

Families and friends gather around the table to share a meal with all the fixings.  At this time of year we give thanks for our health, our families and all the great things in life.  We would also like to thank all of our wonderful clients for giving us the opportunity to do what we love…create videos.

Rainbow Video is located in Morristown, NJ.  We have been doing video productions for over 20 years!

 October 2014

Customer Service and trust

Video production companies (or anyone offering services) sometimes get caught up in “selling” to potential clients instead of listening to them and responding to them.  Although it is important to help these potential clients understand your capabilities, it is equally important to establish trust and faith. 

Those are two qualities that are necessary if you want to establish a long term relationship with your clients.  It is not about stretching the truth to get the job or offering pricing you cannot live up to.  It is about listening to your client’s needs, responding honestly, and living up to the pricing you offer. 

Rainbow Video has been creating successful video programs for over 20 years and has been honored with over 32 video awards. 

 September 2014

A project for an important cause:

Rainbow Video Inc. of NJ (the Kretchmers) was selected by the State of New Jersey, Department of Education to produce their Community Based Instruction marketing video for special needs students.  This was a project that had great meaning for us.  The story is told with interview responses and “B” roll.  No scripted narration is used.  The program has been very well received by the target audience.

90% of the footage was shot by the client himself.  Our challenge was to take his footage, shoot new footage, and organize it all into a complete story.  Susan Kretchmer wrote new interview questions for a new group of administrators, teachers etc selected by the client.  Richard Kretchmer conducted the interviews.  Together, Richard and Susan organized the interview responses and Richard edited the story together adding natural sound to bring the story to life.

Community Based Instruction is a type of instruction that happens out in the community rather than in the school building.  For disabled students this type of instruction is helpful because it helps them navigate the real world rather than just the school building.

 To learn more about CBI:   http://www.nj.gov/education/specialed/transition/

 To watch the video on YouTube: http://youtu.be/i__gP3ZzQDA

 July & August 2014

Hope you are all enjoying your summer. 

We have been taking some well earned time to enjoy our summer but also busy producing, story telling, video editing, and creating proposals on a number of diverse projects… from the New Jersey Department of Education, to non-profits, and to advertising agencies.  In the past, summer was generally a slower time for video production.  However, these days the seasons don’t follow any rules.  We had some of our busiest times this past year over the holidays!   We hope you had a safe and fun summer. 

 June 2014


As a video production company, we are finding more and more clients today requiring that we sign a “non-disclosure” agreement.  What that means is that we are not allowed to show the video we produced for that client.  We cannot put a sample on our website or on our demo.  We completely understand the client’s right to privacy and respect it totally.  This piece of information is simply intended to let visitors to our website understand that there are videos we have produced and are producing that are not included here. 

As you research a video production company for your next project, keep this in mind.  If the company appears to be professional and has some good video examples, give them a call to discuss your needs.  You may find out that they have the exact experience you are looking for.  Get the complete picture.  See what questions they ask you about your project and ask questions about their experience. 

An experienced video production company can produce a video on any subject.   However, if you give them a call, you might be pleasantly surprised to find they have produced a video very similar to the video style you envisioned.  It’s just not on their website.

Rainbow Video is located in Morristown, NJ.  We have been doing video productions since 1982!

 May 2014

Busy creating successful video programs and enjoying the Spring.

 April 2014

96% of consumers find videos helpful when making a purchase.

Every business has a website. That used to be enough.  Not any more.  Today, if you are serious about growing your customer base you need to use video on your website.   The key here is to make sure the video is well written and professional looking. A poorly made video can do more harm than good.  Yes, you will have to invest some budget dollars to hire a video production company, but it will be well worth it.   Visitors to your website want video and they will form their opinion about your business based on how the video represents you and your product or service. 

A recent survey conducted by Animoto sites these impressive statistics:

  •  96% of consumers find videos helpful when making a purchase.

  •  73% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching an online video that explains the product or service.

These statistics speak clearly about the value of video to your business.  But remember, make sure it is well done and professional because your potential customers are watching and judging your business by it.

 March 2014

Spring is finally here. 

At this time of year we all prepare for a fresh start for a new season. 

This is a good time for fresh ideas about growing your business.  Ask yourself, “Is my website working for me?  Is it generating potential new business?”  If not, why not?

In today’s fast paced competitive world you need to get your message across quickly and clearly.  If you don’t have a short video about your product or service on your website, now is the time to produce one or update your old one.   Keep it short, maybe a minute or two.  That’s all the time a viewer wants to spend on your website.  Keep it clear and interesting.   Hire a video production company with experience.  Don’t hire a company based on price.  You don’t need a huge budget for this and the payoff could be new business.

Rainbow Video promises excellence at a fair price.  Located in Morristown, NJ, we have been in business for 30 years – that’s experience!

 February 2014

32 Years

This month marks 32 years since I incorporated Rainbow Video.  As its founder, I have witnessed many changes to the video production industry through those years.  The most amazing changes have come in the technology.  In the early video taping days, the cameras were big and heavy and you used a separate recorder that recorded to videotape.  You needed very bright lights to get a good picture.

Back then, post production editing was linear, tape machine to tape machine.   A high quality editing facility cost over a million dollars.  After your program was edited, changes were very time consuming and costly. 

Then came non-linear editing via computer but everything had to be rendered to put together the various “layers” of editing.  You would take a lunch break while the rendering was taking place, then come back and see your project playback in real time.  

Today, with a 12-core computer like ours, you see progress as your program is edited in real-time.  Video equipment has come down in price and is more user friendly. These positive changes also come with some negative side effects.   Because of the low entry cost, anyone can say they are in the video business.   Clients should be careful in selecting a video company.

With all the technical progress one thing hasn’t changed.  You still need the talent to tell a good story and hold the attention of your audience.  You still need an experienced creative project leader to oversee all the many aspects that go into a production.  There is no substitute for an experienced video production company.

Rainbow Video is located in Morristown, NJ.  We have been in business for over 32 years and over 32 video awards. 

Richard Kretchmer

 January 2014

How does a video production company estimate your budget?

Here again is where experience plays an important role.  There are costs associated with each aspect of any video production.  They are generally per hour or per 8-hour costs.   It is important that you accurately communicate as much information as you can when you speak with a production company. 

A video production company that has been in business for a number of years will take your information and draw upon its experience to estimate how much time each aspect of your video will need.  An experienced Director will know how much footage can be shot in an 8 hour period depending on the situation.  He or she will know if a site survey is necessary to get a clearer picture of the parameters of the shoot.  An experienced Producer will know the right questions to ask you to determine all the other aspects needed to meet your objectives and how much time needs to be devoted to each aspect.  An experienced editor will know approximately how many hours it will take to put it all together to tell your unique story.  The sum total of all these services with their associated costs will be your proposed budget.

Rainbow Video is located in Morristown, NJ.  We have been in business for 32 years – that’s experience!


 What should you expect from the initial call to a video production company?  

The production company should ask you a number of questions to understand the scope of your project, such as: 

What is the primary objective of your video and are there any secondary objectives?

How will the video be viewed (web, trade show, etc)?

What do you envision for this video?  This will help the video production company understand what you want.

What is your deadline?

What is your budget?  This is the key question that potential clients seem hesitant to answer.  There are many ways to approach any video and they all have costs associated with them.  If you do not give the production company some idea of what you are willing to spend, they cannot offer you an appropriate approach to your video.   If you know your budget or have a good idea of what your company wants to spend,  don’t be afraid to communicate that information to the video company.  That is the only way they can tell you accurately what they can do for you.   So be honest.

A professional video company’s goal is to create a video within your budget parameters that successfully fulfills your objectives.


How do you find the right video production company? 

First, check out their website and experience.  Have they been recognized with any awards?  An experienced video production company can create a video for any industry because they know how to listen to your objectives and draw upon their wide range of experience to achieve those objectives.  They will know how to tell your particular story so that it speaks effectively to your target audience.  That is the key.  In addition, the video production company you select should provide topnotch customer service, creativity, respect for your budget, and attention to all the many details involved in producing a successful video.  It is a tall order.  That’s why you need a seasoned professional.

 Rainbow Video is located in Morristown, NJ.  We have been in the video production business for 30 years – that’s experience!


What is a blog? 

According to Merriam - Webster's Dictionary: blog noun \ˈblg, ˈbläg\ : a Web site on which someone writes about personal opinions, activities, and experiences

According to Encyclopedia Britannica: blog, in full Web log or Weblog,  online journal where an individual, group, or corporation presents a record of activities, thoughts, or beliefs. Some blogs operate mainly as news filters, collecting various online sources and adding short comments and Internet links. Other blogs concentrate on presenting original material. In addition, many blogs provide a forum to allow visitors to leave comments and interact with the publisher. “To blog” is the act of composing material for a blog. Materials are largely written, but pictures, audio, and videos are important elements of many blogs. The “blogosphere” is the online universe of blogs.

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