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We offer multiple solutions to create Internet Video Streaming files and Digital Video File Output.  Creating quality streaming and digital files is not just having the latest software.  It's knowing how to use it.  You have to have a good  eye for video quality and you have to know how to work with the software to obtain the best results.

  •  Video streaming files for the Internet

  •  Digital Video files for PowerPoint

  •  Digital Video files for computer and laptop playback

Compression Suite



We have the industry-leading video encoding software which enables us to efficiently repurpose your video content for the web and for digital formats.  Our software uses the latest codec encoding.

For Flash, we offer the On2 VP6 Pro codec with 2-pass and VBR encoding.  This codec provides superior video quality equal to today's best video codecs at a much smaller file size.  That means better quality and faster streaming.

We can create Meta data input and output for Flash, QuickTime, Windows Media, MPEG-4, and MP3 files.  This encoded information is for the search engines and visitors viewing your streaming files.

dpsNetStream and dpsVelocity Digital File Output 


Real-time web video streaming outputs
  • DVA
  • AVI
  • MOV
  • MPG
  • MPEG 1
  • MPEG 2
  • MPEG 4
  • RM
  • WMA
  • WMV
  • WAV
  • FLC
  • FLI
  • BMP Sequence
  • PCX Sequence
  • TGA Sequence
  • TIF  Sequence
  • JPG Sequence
  • PCT Sequence
  • GIF Sequence
  • BMP
  • PCX
  • TGA
  • TIF
  • JPG
  • PCT
  • GIF

Once your video/audio digital files are created you will have to decide what Internet delivery method will work for your needs.   Your webmaster can help you with this decision.

Progressive Download
This is a relatively simple method and only requires a standard website hosting service. Although it does have some limitations, it simulates true streaming reasonably well. This is the most realistic option for most websites.

Internet Streaming
To truly stream video you need to use a special type of server application. This is the more expensive option and will appeal to those with very demanding situations.  If you are expecting that your streaming video will have many visitors at the same time then we recommend this option. 

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